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Nano Bubble Energy

Nano Bubble Energy (NBE) Company, as an Iranian pioneering company in obtaining the technical knowledge of nanobubble technology in order to benefit from advanced technologies with high efficiency and low operating costs in various industries such as water and wastewater treatment, environment, agriculture, aquaculture and food industries have succeeded in designing and manufacturing nano gas devices for gases such as air, oxygen, ozone, chlorine, nitrogen and carbon dioxide on an industrial scale.

WATOX nanobubble generator

The nanobubble generators of Nano Bubble Energy can inject gas into the liquid with a very high efficiency through a special process of two-phase transfer.

The special advantage of nanobubbles compared to conventional diffusers is their very small size and high internal pressure, which causes them to remain stable inside the liquid for a long time, and as a result, it causes a very effective transfer of gas into the liquid. 

Nanobubbles have very low buoyancy and can spread throughout the liquid due to Brownian motion. Another important feature of these bubbles is their non-combination.

ژنراتور واتوکس تولید شرکت نانو حباب انرژی


نانو حباب درپرورش ماهی

Fish farming

Fish metabolism in breeding environments is strongly influenced by oxygen concentration ...
هوادهی پیشرفته در سیستم آب و فاضلاب با فناوری نانوحباب

Wastewater treatment

The aeration system through nanobubbles is an advanced method of injecting oxygen into the water ...
نانو حباب انرژی در هیدروپونیک پیشرفته


In the hydroponic system, the quality of the water used is of particular importance and ...
شستشوی مواد غذایی با نانوحباب

Food industry

Every year huge expenses are wasted due to contamination and spoilage of food ...
مدیریت آب با تکنولوژی نانو حباب

Water management

Sufficient dissolved oxygen in water is a very important component in the survival of healthy ecosystems in lakes and ...
پرورش میگو با استفاده فناوری نانوحباب

Shrimp farming

The life of shrimp and the stability of the ecosystem require the presence of a suitable amount of dissolved oxygen ...
نانوحباب در تصفیه آب

Water disinfection

Methods that can increase the efficiency of water disinfection are very important ...
آبیاری مزارع کشاورزی با نانوحباب


Oxygen plays a very important role in the respiration of plants, which causes energy production and plant growth ...

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