Food Safety

Huge costs are wasted each year due to contamination and spoilage of food. Pathogens, viruses and chemical residues have destructive effects on the process and packaging of food products, which can increase the major health risk. In order to use food products very effectively, advanced operational methods are needed that improve the health and preservation of food.

Nano-bubble oxygen and ozone generator is a very effective technology in washing, disinfecting and preserving food. Nano-bubble Energy’s unique two-phase transmission system can combine the powerful effects of ultra-fine ozone and oxygen bubbles. In this system, oxygen nano-bubbles combine with very fine ozone bubbles and by producing free radicals create a highly advanced oxidation process that can break down volatile organic compounds in food. The proprietary combination of strong oxidants makes the company’s ozone system much more efficient than independent ozone, UV or chemical generators on the market.


  • Food disinfection
  • Remove pesticides
  • Maintenance and cleaning of products
  • Adjust PH
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